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Facing the challenge

The healthcare industry has the capacity to electronically store and rapidly access detailed patient data—extraordinarily more online information compared to other industries. While this advanced technology may increase operational efficiencies and enhance patient outcomes, cybercriminals have proven themselves ever more determined to sabotage, steal, and hold hostage healthcare IT systems in the US and worldwide.

Statistics show that every passing day without sufficient healthcare cybersecurity means increasingly more attacks, breaches, ransoms, and setbacks. While staff training, established safety protocols and other low-cost measures can help increase data security, a sophisticated, robust cybersecurity system requires significant investment to acquire, install, and maintain it.

Financing: A comprehensive, cost-effective solution

There’s never been more promise or peril in online healthcare information. Equipment financing is an alternative funding method that allows you to acquire the technology you need now, and pay for your system over time. In addition to convenience and cash-flow advantages, financing offers unparalleled flexibility and control, allowing you to:

  • Conserve working capital
  • Tailor payments to your budget
  • Customize terms with add-on and upgrade options
  • Enjoy fixed monthly and multiyear payment schedules
  • Bundle hardware, software, installation, training, and maintenance costs into one agreement
  • Potential tax benefits

Beyond the primary role of safeguarding your data, an effective security system can also:

Enable continuity of operations
Protect reputation and integrity
Maintain the value of your services
Cost less than cumulative cyberattack damages

It’s incumbent on leadership to increase support for strong, expandable online security. Doing so is more than just smart financial strategy — it also builds trust in a healthcare brand and boosts loyalty, retention, and new business. In contrast, failing to take sufficient action can result in lost business, lawsuits, fines, diminished reputation, or even the end of an enterprise.

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