Empowering your technology sales with financing

Here are six ways financing can help you sell more, more profitably.




Incremental wins

  • Turn cash flow /budget objections into closing opportunities via payments
  • Proactively position your total solution as the affordable alternative
  • Easily demonstrate ROI/TCO benefits

Shorter sales cycles

  • Take care of “how to pay for it” while others are focusing on simply selling their product
  • Introducing creative financing early assures buyers they can afford the entire solution
  • No upfront investment allows customers to pay for what they use when they use it

Larger transaction sizes

  • Effectively sell product suites and bundled offers integrating product and services
  • Sell the entire solution today as opposed to over time, when budget becomes available (or goes away)
  • Total Solution Financing positions you as a comprehensive, reliable industry consultant

Reduced discounting losses

  • Minimize price concerns with affordable payments
  • Lead with monthly payments to enable a constructive dialogue focused on value rather than price
  • Leverage our innovative, long-term strategies to address budget and price concerns

Increased customer satisfaction

  • Offer greater flexibility and expanded choices
  • Provide better solutions, delivered sooner
  • Streamline processing efforts with our in-house legal, credit, tax and underwriting specialists

Improve financial metrics

  • Reduce days sales outstanding and expedite revenue recognition
  • Funding on equipment acceptance
  • Increase your return on total capital
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